Consortium – A: Crop Improvement Completed Projects

Profile of NTRF Funded Projects as on 31.12.2016 (Completed)

Sl. No.


Area of Research

Host Institute and Duration

1 Investigations on the “Bio-chemical basis of rooting and clonal compatibility in nursery grafting of fresh cuttings in tea (camellia L. spp) ” – UPASI-TRF Crop Improvement/Plant Development UPASI-TRF (1993–96)
2 Extraction,Identification,Quantification and Utilizationof endogenousgrowth hormonesin tea Plant Physiology TRA Tocklai (1995-2001)
3 Development of a protocol for efficient somaclonal plants using drought tolerant UPASI clones as source of explants Crop Imoprovement/ Plant Breeding UPASI-TRF               (1997-01)
4 Modulation of Winter Dormancy in tea. Plant physiology IHBT, Palampur     (2000-01)
5 Generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from the tender shoots cDNA library during blister blight disease infection and "banji" shoot formation in tea plant. Biotech/ Quality Improvement UPASI TRF, Valparai, Tamil Nadu, (2007-2010)
6 Biochemical and Molecular Approached to Drought Stress Tolerance in Tea. Crop improvement/ Breeding & Development Department of Life Science, Assam University, Silchar (2007-2010)
7 Selection, collection and preservation of tea germplasm from North Bengal area for development of improved planting materials for Dooars, Terai and Darjeeling Germplasms, Plant breeding TRA, Nagrakata Subdivision, Jalpaiguri (2008-2011)
8 Lectins: an alternative biotic stress management system in tea Biotechnology UPASI Tea Research Foundation, Valparai, Coimbatore. (2010-2013)
9 Selection and evaluation of new planting materials from existing seed population of Tea suitable for Dooars, Terai and Darjeeling agro-climatic conditions Crop Improvement TRA, Nagrakata-Sub Station, Nagrakata, Jalpaiguri,