Consortium – A: Crop Improvement Ongoing Projects

Profile of NTRF Funded Projects as on 31.12.2016 (Ongoing)

Sl. No.


Area of Research

Host Institute and Duration

1 Generation of haploids in tea Crop impr./Plant breeding/Biotech UPASI Tea Research Foundation, Valparai,
Extended for 16-17.
2 Nanobiotechnological approaches for the management of stem
and root diseases of tea plants using indigenous biocontrol agents
Biotechnology K. S. Rangasamy College, Tamil Nadu, (2015-2018)
3 DNA barcoding of tea germplasm a novel technique
to authenticate, protect property right and to check adulterants and blends
Crop Improvement Karunya University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
4 Development of clones for production of purple tea by the grower of North East India Crop Improvement TRA, Jorhat,
5 Studies on the impact of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on carbon sequestration potential of different tea cultivars and soild organic carbon Crop Improvement TRA, Jorhat,